Sloughi & Afghan hound kennel Ben Ben's FCI 2233

owner: Dr. György Tesics,  FCI judge  -  Dog Show and Lure Coursing  -  Windhund Richter


We found our first Afghan hound by pure chance in the street in autumn 1983.

He was suffering from starvation and was so frightened and untidy, but adorable at the same time. We were trying to find his owner without any success in the next several days, or at least to find out something more about his origin, name or age...

He was so irresistibly charming to everyone in our family that after a week with us we decided to keep him. We named him BEN. (see photo) His character, temperament and warmhearted personality are "to be blamed" for our decision to breed thease beautiful hounds. Unfortunately, his independent character, his strong hunting instinct, and above all his desire for roaming the streets were fatal for him. He was killed in accident in the summer of 1986.

Afghan hound "Ben" - our first  afghan hound - Oktober 1983

In his memory, the first Afghan hound kennel in Yugoslavia was named after him: BEN BEN`S, FCI 2233. It was in March 1987.

In December 1986 from the famous "Gandamak" kennel in Slovakia we imported our first Afghan hound bitch - Janine Gandamak CS (see photos), white coloured, which brought forth four litters in our kennel. (S, A, S, A)

Afghan hound female: Janine Gandamak  (Ch. Agusaja`s Aladin Sane x Diba Gandamak)

The first Afghan hound puppies in our kennel were born on the May 12, 1989. Sire was Ch.Yu. Leo.

The second Ben Ben's litter was brought forth on the 1990. Sire was Jolly Jocker Gandamak (Ch. Agusaja`s Aladin Sane x Diba Gandamak) and dam was Astra (Ch. Bill x Erna od Neoplante).

Janine Gandamak had other three litters, sired by Ch. San Darii (Cien Daszy Fortunatus x Tena z Larišova ) in 1991, Ch. Smockey (Cien Daszy Fortunatus x Cherry Gandamak ) in 1992, and the last one by Ch. Dur-I-Durrans Hawk Eye (CH. Dur-I-Durrans Masqerade x Dur-I-Durrans Coco Chanel ) in Okt.1993.

In the autumn of 1994, a black&tan Afghan hound bitch Fan Fell Esmeralda ( CH. Ontario Gandamak x Fan Fell Attention Please) was imported to our kennel, from Hungary. She was the dam of the successful H-Ben Ben`s litter. Sire was ours Risa Chans Uphir (CH. Risa Chans Imgur x Dur-I-Durrans Wonder In Domino).

Our third Afghan hound bitch was also imported from the famous slovakian kennel ''Gandamak". She is Walk of Fame Gandamak ( CH. Windsurfs Brutus x CH. Korzika Gandamak), "Wiki", a litter sister of the World Winner from Brussels Ch. Westend Girl Gandamak and of the World Winner from Wienna Ch .Whitney Houston Gandamak.

In 1996 Wiki brought forth our J-Ben Ben`s litter with Ch.Yu. Hurrikan of Wameru (Karnak Blackberry x Velwet of Wameru), and the next year she brought forth our very successful L-litter with Risa Chans Uphir ("Boogie").

In June 1998 our dam Walk of Fame Gandamak brought forth our T - litter. Sire was Risa Chans Zulfikar (Ch. Risa Chans Phobos x Ch.Risa Chans Opala). This cream dog was imported in 1995. from "Risa Chan's" kennel owned by Dr. Ilse and Heinz Anschober, Austria to our "Ben Ben's" kennel. After the NATO attack on my country (March - Juni 1999) we moved to Hungary and now Zulfi is owned and loved by Mrs. Gajinovic from Turija (YU).


Ch. Risa Chans Zulfikar
 (Ch. Risa Chans Phobos x Ch.Risa Chans Opala)

 With keeping sloughies we started in 1993 when our first Sloughi come to us.  It was Ch. Dallila Schuru-esch-Schams.